7 Common Causes of Back Pain and Easy Solutions

Humans have evolved over the years while one thing certainly remained the same – the need for moving from place to another. In this 21st century, there are a lot of lifestyle-related ailments. Back pain is the most frequent of them all and almost everyone has experienced it once in their life. Luckily, there are certain easy solutions to the major and common causes of back pain as discussed below:

5 Days of Sitting in the Office Chair; 2 Days of Activities

It’s quite common for all corporate people like us to have a hectic work schedule. We have to sit in the office chair for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. And then we tend to spend time with our loved ones on the weekends. We tend to stay as active as we can and participate in activities and outdoor sports like football, volleyball etc. Sometimes, we plan a trip to the mountains to climb some rocks with friends.

We need to understand that our muscles stay inactive during weekdays due to a lot of mental and physical stress. When we put them to excessive work on weekends, we may end up getting minor injuries in our back.

Easy Solution: You need to stay active on weekdays as well. Try and go on foot wherever you can. Alternatively, you can ride a bicycle to commute to work and take the stairs in the workplace instead of the elevator. You can also join swimming classes, yoga or gym for a regular exercise routine.

Lost the Connection Between Muscle and Mind

One of the best solutions for maintaining a good posture is to use a Posture Brace. The Award winning Posture Hero from Backpainhelp is a proven and effective tool you can use to improve your posture and maintain a good, healthy, pain free back! Hurting your back is quite easy. Sometimes, you get your back hurt all of a sudden and then later realize that you were doing nothing that could cause back pain. For example, some people just hurt their back when lifting a pen that they accidentally dropped on the ground.

Then there are other people who don’t realize how important it is to sit and walk straight. Even a bad posture can cause severe back pain.

Easy Solution: Every time you need to lift something from the ground, make sure you do it in the squat position, i.e. keep your back straight, squeeze the abdominal muscles and glutes, and there you go. In this position, you are less prone to back pain and subsequent injuries.

Beauty Takes A Toll on Your Back

Most women have back pain just because they wear high heels. However, many others don’t have an idea about the shoes they wear may also cause pain in the knees and subsequently the back if they don’t have support for the arch of the foot. Do they check for this when buying a pair of shoes? Most of you don’t.

Easy Solution: You can try and walk barefooted when home or wear flats instead. You can also exercise your feet when you need to grab something, which will help you exercise both your arch and toe muscles. Alternatively, you can have multiple pairs of shoes to switch between them daily.

A Weak Core Causes Back Pain

Core muscles are amongst the key muscles in your body, as they support and protect your spine. Many people who go to the gym often ignore their core muscle strength and work on the rest of their body parts. Core muscles not just include rectus abdominis (six packs), they also include back muscles, outer obliques, inner muscles, glutes and transversus abdominis (the deepest layer of muscle in your core).

Easy Solution: You need to work out your core muscles as well. Well, you have many exercises you strengthen your core and not just crunches, including barbell squats, yoga ball exercise, ab wheel rollout, and deadlifts.

Standing for a Long Time Causes Back Pain

As discussed above, sitting for a long time causes back pain but standing in one pose for a long time also leads to back pain. This can damage your joints and back at the same time. Many people who work in the production units have to stand for a minimum of 8 hours a day, which often exceeds due to excessive work. The inactive state of the body leads to sore muscles, which induces back pain when you tend to be active.

Easy Solution: The applications of new technologies in the 21st century can help us battle such conditions. You can use the anti-fatigue mat, which is a flat surface made from flexible materials. Your muscles need to work a different manner that balances your back muscles.


For those who think pregnancy brings happiness, what about the back pain? Well, there is nothing uncommon related to pregnancy and women in this phase of life feel pain in their back. So nobody can say it is easy to be pregnant, as it is not. In fact, pregnancy brings stress to your body and mind at the same time, irrespective of the end result which is a most beautiful thing one can imagine.

Easy Solution: You may not be able to avoid back pain during pregnancy, but you can certainly reduce it. All you have to do is eat healthy foods and try to exercise as suggested by your doctor. Start from light exercises like working on your core for a few days to weeks, and then you can switch on other exercises specific to pregnant women. These exercises will help you stay healthy and strong and you can give birth to a healthy child.

Anxiety and Depression

It is quite common for people who are in pain tend to be depressed. On the other hand, some scientific researches have shown that people in stress tend to feel more pain. For instance, individuals who have anxiety issues, stressful life at work and remain depressed due to some personal issues tend to feel physical pain, typically in their back.

Easy Solution: Lots of simple yet effective breathing exercises, yoga, and other physical activities can really help individuals cope with excessive stress. Another helpful thing is a positive attitude that can help you conquer every bad situation.

Final Words!

Back pain is very common in working professionals and we shouldn’t ignore it. Meet a doctor in person and figure out the cause to be able to efficiently conquer it.